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Alazar formed in 2004 in Chile by Pablo Meneses (lead vocalist), Camilo Quero, Aldo Olave, Gonzalo Olguin.

Alazar changed often line up: the musicians that made up their first album were Joaquin Meneses, Felipe Cifuentes, Pablo Meneses and Gonzalo Olguin.

That first album, recorded between September and October 2006, contained eight songs, all in Spanish language. With the release of the album the band opened many doors and they did a great tour in southern Chile and Argentina.

Due to personal reasons, some musicians of Alazar decide to take a break at the beginning of 2008, leading to the stop of the recording of their second album. In 2009 Alazar started to complete the recording of the unfinished album, while new musicians joined the lineup: Francisco Bueno and Ricardo Arevalo.

The second album, Plan B., – released online by RUMORSRECORDS in November 2010 – shows all the resolute and inflexible rock style of the band.

Plan B. is made of eleven songs in Spanish (No puedo estar ahí, La muerte, Alejate de ahi, Puedo vivir, El camino, Mi destino, Para que hablar de amor, Tu nombre, Nada va a pasar, Las vuelta de la vida, Ella te salvara) and one single song in English, My Girl.

The album shows the unambiguous evolution and the full maturity of the music of Alazar, a band destined to grow with each passing year.