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In 1986 José Grucci moved to Montevideo to continue his studies with Sergio Tulvovitz (percussion), Roberto Galletti (drums) and Nelson Martinez (piano and harmony).

In 1987 José Grucci was called to serve as a teacher in the Centro Musical Moderno (Montevideo), where he studied drums with Roberto Galletti (ex TOTEM).

In 1988 José Grucci joined the Tabare Riverock Banda, closing that same year the festival Montevideo Rock II and sharing the stage with Charly Garcia, Fito Paez, Paralamas, Sumo and others.

In 1989 José Grucci joined the Incandescente Blues Band, with whom he recorded his first album, "3 AM".

In 1991 José Grucci was called by Emil Montgomery to join his band with the Ibarburu brothers and Gustavo Montemurro on keyboards, the current Jaime Ross Band.

In 1995 José Grucci moved to Colonia del Sacramento and opened the CAM (Centro de Musica y Artes) with a modern teaching method that gives excellent results, achieving a great success and giving rise to a new generation of musicians who are now part of professionally successful bands. He groups first-rate teachers from Jaime Ross Band, El Sabalero, Fernando Cabrera and Rada.

In 1997 José Grucci created the multimedia project "Visiones de Una Enigmatica Colonia (Musica Interactiva)", which combines live music with computer-generated imagery and dance: this project is selected from the MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) from over 130 projects from all the country under the Culture at Work Project.

In 1998, the FONAM (Fondo Nacional de Musica) selected and financed a project presented by CAM for the acquisition of technical equipments, in recognition of the work of cultural diffusion took place in Colonia del Sacramento.

In 1999 José Grucci presented his show of music and literature "Prologo de Fin de Siglo" and he was convened by the famous musician Yabor playing in his band. The City of Colonia del Sacramento declared "Visiones de Una Enigmatica Colonia (Musica Interactiva)" as a project of cultural interest.

In 2000, the FONAM (Fondo Nacional de Musica) selected José Grucci to finance the recordings of his CD "Visiones", work involving musicians from Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo. This recording was made during the month of November in "El Estudio", Montevideo. In June, the label "Perro Andaluz" published the album.

In 2002, the MEC (Ministry of Education and Culture) selected a multimedia show (music, text and images) from José Grucci's album "Visiones" as part of its portfolio of exhibitions within the Culture at Work Project.

In 2003 José Grucci organized and played in the first jazz festival in Colonia del Sacramento, "Colonia Jazz Weekend", produced jointly with "Blanco & Nigro Rest-Jazz" with musicians from both sides of the Rio de la Plata.

In 2004 José Grucci organized the new edition of "Colonia Jazz Weekend ", where he played with his trio "Blasters", integrated by CAM's teachers and Alvaro and Alejandro Pacelli, respectively bass guitar and lead guitar. In this festival played important musicans such as Popo Romano.

In 2005, the third version of Colonia Jazz Weekend brings together some of the best jazz musicians of Uruguay as the brothers Eddy and Diego Porchile, Juan Prada, Nacho Lambrada, Mauro Perez, Leo Anselmi, Popo Romano, Alfredo Monetti, Alejandro Sanchez, Christian Lopez, and so on. This festival was supported by the newspaper El Pais. José Grucci continued to conduct his educational activities, the dissemination of music and Uruguayan musicians in this area of the country and the development of the material that will create his next album, in collaboration with students and teachers of CAM.

In 2006, for the fourth consecutive year the Colonia Jazz Weekend bringed together 30 musicians in 8 concerts. José Grucci made a series of jazz concerts at sunset (Sunset Jazz) at the Radisson Hotel. In 2007 José Grucci received the Ibero-American Educational Excellence Award by CIHCE (Ibero-American Council in honor of the educational quality) based in Peru, recognized and supported by: UNESCO, City University of New York, Secretary of State for Education Dominican Republic, College of Surgeons of Education (Peru), Catholic University of Manizales (Colombia), National University of Asunción (Paraguay), Buenos Aires Regional Faculty of Universidad Tecnológica Nacional (Argentina), Solidarity Statement of Catalonia - CERADAI (Spain), Association of Educational Supervisors of Rio Grande Do Sul (Brazil) and other latin-american prestigious educational institutions.

In 2008 José Grucci came in contact with prestigious institutions of music education and improved by a significant contribution to the CAM method of teaching music, which gives the best results.

In 2009, with his show "Intimate", José Grucci was heavily involved in gigs all over the Country.

In 2010, the CAM is 15 years old and they celebrate with a concert bringing together students and teachers with their projects and bands.
José Grucci signs a contract with the Italian label Rumors Records for the distribution of his second solo album Unidad Multiple, fully live recorded in Colonia del Sacramento in the "Estudios CAM" (Uruguay) and digitally remastered in "The White House Studio" (Italy).
"Unidad Multiple" is released by Rumors Records in February 2011.